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Saturday, 9 September 2017



Don't you find it so frustrating when your parents are watching their favourite TV show and you're bursting to ask a question and they say “SHHHHHH THE CHASE IS ON”
When mum was watching the chase she keeps saying “HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT THE CHASE WHILE I'M WATCHING IT” when mum first said that I was like wow, and now I just expect it! After.. the chase I finally get to ask mum a question and Dad says oi the news is on I want to hear the weather tomorrow! That's another hour without a question so I have to wait for another hour until I ask the question.

 Then dad says “GET TO BED” then try to ask the question then he says “NO ARGUEING” I  try again, He eventually finds out I'm asking something completely opposite to going to bed so I say “I.. I JUST WANT DESSERT” they say “oh that's fine” now I'm thinking why didn't I just do it with them not knowing but that's off the topic. Thankfully it wasn't a life or death question.

 Anyway I once in the holidays woke up and was going to turning the TV on and my sister was watching some random program and I said “Emma do want to play with me” she said “wait til the program is finished” so I got my breakfast and waited for the program to finish and IT NEVER DID so… I waited forever finally it finish and we needed to go to church. I still didn't get to ask the question.

So in the end I never get to ask a question so nothing worked out my way.

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