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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I charge for a place to hide 
as we run out of the class toward the fence 
that sinks into the ground.
It was like ww1 had started, 
I’m going to DIE!!! 
(I mean get found!)
We change our mind, 
and head to the ditch.  
Get down Calum!
He got found, but he didn’t go 
because he didn’t hear Mrs Bentall.
I look behind the tree we were hiding behind, 
I see Mrs Pageot.
We run down the ditch like the wind was following me.
We need to get somewhere fast.
Hmm where shall we go we thought, then I whispered 
Everyone get to the trees.
We get to the gum trees; no one got found.
Toot toot! 
The whistle has blown.
It howls like nothing ever before.
World war 1 has ended.
We all breathe a big sigh of relief 
as we walk back to class. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this writing Hamish. It has a real feeling of tension as you are hiding. Likening it to WW1 makes it very interesting.