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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine this…
The wind is thundering past the airport while you sit in your seat. You are scared. Where do you go next? This place is massive and new. You think to yourself it's way flasher than the the airport at Iran, where you were born. It's far, far away from where you were born. The airport is crowded and other people are staring at you. Someone wonders where have you come from and that person asks you. You say Iran, but they walk away. You feel discriminated.
NZ has a big problem. I believe too many people don't feel welcome in NZ. It's true that 1 in 10 people in NZ are treated in fairly. The most common thing to be pre judged on is race, skin colour, ethnicity and discrimination. This is bad because someone could say “you’re a girl, you can't play rugby”  but some girls do, and that's prejudging someone.

Prejudice is a way of judging people about who they are before you know them . This might be where they are from, what they do,their color of their skin and everything else. When people do this the one they do most is judge by their skin and from their country.
Prejudice is judging someone about who they are, where they are from, what they do, or the color of their skin. An example is a girl from Iran came into our class and we did an interview on her because she from Iran. We wanted to find out if she was welcome in Christchurch. She said that when she sat down to eat her lunch at school, she said that one person said “Is there a bomb in your lunchbox?” When she worked in a cafe, the customers said “Where are you from?” and she said Iran, and the customers bowed their heads down and forgot she was even there. Another one is: there's a pizza guy delivering pizzas to your house from Dominos, and he was different skin colour so you snatched the pizza from him then you decided to go to Pizza Hut more often instead. If you say or do these things, it is prejudice.

When you get prejudiced against you could be from a particular country, and other people could be scared of you because other people in your country might have done something bad like kill some people from a different culture. The other people will be scared of you because that person has killed others, but you’re a completely different person to them. Overall, the effect of prejudice is that if you judge people by their skin they feel really stink.

To make people feel more welcome you could say hi, and wave. Say do you want a cup of tea or coffee, or start a conversation with them because you can make them feel included.

To make feel unwelcome some people don’t say hi and wave. Instead they frown, laugh and tease. The migrant or immigrant will be very disappointed. Some other people when they see other people being prejudice they say leave him/her alone, move along or just get along to work. This is something that I think we need to do more.

Some people think the world is full of hate and war and some people think it is filled with harmony and peace.  To make sure it will be peace we will have to not be prejudice

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  1. Some really good ideas and thoughts Hamish.