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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

super bowl hanmer

Super bowl Hanmer

Have you ever been really high up? I was as high as a really tall skyscraper.

I took my inflatable ring, it is really bouncy and springy. I looked up to the structure, I was on the concrete looking up to the stairs, I am feeling spooked.
I climb the stairs, it was as if it was a mile long. Once I was at the top, I looked down, it makes me not want to move a muscle, it is so high and my eyes are glued to the ground.
I am in my inflatable ring, It is alive. It is so distracting knowing how high up I am, “GOOOO!” the man said. My face is chalky white. My inflatable ring slides down the tube to the bowl “ahhhhhhh!”
I thought I was going to turn around a sharp corner, but I didn't. A millisecond later I turned, I nearly fell out of the bowl, I couldn't breathe, it was soooo fun!
I went down the plug backwards and I couldn't let go of the seat, I was attached to it.
I'm down, I finally landed, I shuffled out of the seat, and I was finished!


  1. Sounds like heaps of fun, you are braver than me! I would like to hear more about this adventure with lots more descriptive words. Good job Hamish.

  2. That was a great description of the super bowl hamish

  3. I liked it when you said it was really bouncy and springy. I also liked it when you said it looked like the stairs were a mile long. Another thing you said that I liked was my face is challky white I can connect when I went on the super bowl it felt bouncy and springy.