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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Multimedia artwork

My soundscape reflection

This term I have been learning the rhythm of my soundscape.  My learning was connected because it connects to a bat and that's what's in my poem.

My learning is relational because I have used lots of instruments. I used my voice for most of it and one instrument because one was all we were allowed.  I used the microphone and guitar for mostly all of my song.  We recorded it all on GarageBand. I also used dynamics and tempo.
Overall I think i did a good job on my soundscape.

By Hamish!!!!

Listen to my soundscape here

Artwork poem

The short tree waves 
like a cheap blow up flappy man 
at the gas station.

The moon sleeps as if 
it was in a wonderful 

Bat ears fly like
the ears on a 

The box swings in the 
air. It is an 

The wings that belong
to a bat, flap like a
crazy cockatoo!

The big nose honks as if it 
belonged to a 


  1. I love your sound cloud recording Hamish, I really feel like I am in the actual landscape. In the art work poem my favourite line is the short tree waves like a cheap blow up flappy man at the gas station. Awesome. Keep up the good work Hamish.

  2. Nice poem Hamish I really liked it :)