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Monday, 14 March 2016

Art Work Poem

Artwork poem

The short tree waves 
like a cheap blow up flappy man 
at the gas station.

The moon sleeps as if 
it was in a wonderful 

Bat ears fly like
the ears on a 

The box swings in the 
air. It is an 

The wings that belong
to a bat, flap like a
crazy cockatoo!

The big nose honks as if it 
belonged to a 

Where are they traveling?
Why are they flying in space?
Why is the moon yellow?

In this poem I have been learning about similes and metaphors. My poem is currently multistructural because I have a lot of ideas but I can't get the feeling I want. My next step is to create a image or emotion in the reader's mind.


  1. I like your poem because it rhymes a lot '-'

  2. Hi Hamish your poem is awesome and I love your metaphors my favourite is the box swings in the air. It is an airplane. Also I love the similes like the wings that belong to the bat flap like a crazy cockatoo and the big nose honk as if it belonged to a clown.
    When you said the moon sleeps as if it's in a wonderful dream I've always thought that to. Once again this is awesome Hamish