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Saturday, 9 September 2017



Don't you find it so frustrating when your parents are watching their favourite TV show and you're bursting to ask a question and they say “SHHHHHH THE CHASE IS ON”
When mum was watching the chase she keeps saying “HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT THE CHASE WHILE I'M WATCHING IT” when mum first said that I was like wow, and now I just expect it! After.. the chase I finally get to ask mum a question and Dad says oi the news is on I want to hear the weather tomorrow! That's another hour without a question so I have to wait for another hour until I ask the question.

 Then dad says “GET TO BED” then try to ask the question then he says “NO ARGUEING” I  try again, He eventually finds out I'm asking something completely opposite to going to bed so I say “I.. I JUST WANT DESSERT” they say “oh that's fine” now I'm thinking why didn't I just do it with them not knowing but that's off the topic. Thankfully it wasn't a life or death question.

 Anyway I once in the holidays woke up and was going to turning the TV on and my sister was watching some random program and I said “Emma do want to play with me” she said “wait til the program is finished” so I got my breakfast and waited for the program to finish and IT NEVER DID so… I waited forever finally it finish and we needed to go to church. I still didn't get to ask the question.

So in the end I never get to ask a question so nothing worked out my way.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9 science journal

Week 9

This week we were doing different science activities.                                                                                                                                                                  

One of them was a Rocket Slingshot. 
When we were doing the rocket launcher we observed when you pulled the feathers off it will have a further distance. When you leave the feathers on the rocket it will go straighter than if you didn't. 

One of them was a flipping frog.
When the elastic was loose it would go really slow. When the elastic was really tight on the frog and when it was bent out of shape it would go really bad. It would go really well when you pulled the elastic tight and when it was as in medium shape it would go well.

Another one of them was an angle launcher.
If you put the angle launcher on a higher angle it would go higher but it wouldn't go far it would go shorter than normal. But if you put it on 45° it would go the furthest than any other degree.

Monday, 26 June 2017

science journals

Week one
When I got to school in the morning, the class was starting to make slime. We learned what created good slime and bad slime and we experienced making it. We made it out of cornflour, water and green food colouring. We made two batches and one had a little amount of cold water the other one had a lot of hot water. The difference between the batches is that the one with the large amount of water soaked up the cornflour and turned out to be more runny. The other batch didn't soak up the cornflour and was a good consistency for slime. After we finished the slime we took it to Monday meetup to do a test with it. Mr Anderson was the target. I am relational because I have more than three ideas and they work together.

Week two
This week we were experimenting with balloon rockets. We used straws, wool, chairs and balloons. We did this to learn about forces and gravitational pulls and pushes. We recorded our ideas on a see, think, wonder chart. We did this by tying a string of wool to two chairs. After, we put a straw onto the string by threading it onto the piece of wool. We blew up a balloon and attached it with sellotape onto the straw. We let the balloon go and it spun around in circles, I think it's because I used wool and it didn’t go and it just spun around. It broke the wool off the chair. It was supposed to travel along the string. I am relational because I have more than three ideas and they work together.

Week three
This week we were continuing with our balloon rockets. This week we changed the string. Instead of wool we used fishing wire. We also changed the straw to paper.  It worked much more easily because the wool had fibres on it and the straw didn’t go smoothly down it. The fishing wire with the paper worked more easily because it was really smooth. The balloon went down the fishing wire smoothly and worked well.I think it's because of the fishing wire.
I am relational because I have more than three ideas and they work together.

Week four
This week we were observing a catapult, it's name is a trebuchet. We observed how the trebuchet worked. With the trebuchet it works a special way, it has a bucket with weights in it which make the projectile go further. The weights are the main idea for this catapult, if you put more weights in it goes further the furthest. My favourite part of the trebuchet is that when the projectile fires everyone looks at it like a rainbow.  

I am relational because I have more than three ideas and they work together.

Week 5/8

This week we were learning about the onager and the trebuchet. We tried to notice the similarities and the differences between them both.

We learnt that the onager uses twisted rope power to fire the projectile. We noticed that the projectile that got fired from the onager didn't go as high as the trebuchet and it also didn't go as far as the trebuchet. We also noticed that the onager went a lot faster than the trebuchet. The trebuchet arm was much longer and it was powered by weights.

The similarities are that with both you need to pull the trigger to fire the projectile because if you don't pull the trigger it won't fire. They both have a sling for the projectile to rest before it fires the projectile, because if they didn't the arm of the catapult would swing back towards your face. They are both made of wood so they are both quite strong and won't break easily.

In conclusion we think that the trebuchet can shoot a projectile much higher but the onager can go much faster. So we think that the onager goes faster because it has a shorter arm and has more power to shoot. The trebuchet has a longer arm because it's more likely to shoot over walls.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Inqiry reflection

In term one we were learning how to be a responsible citizen. I was teaching 10 kids from room 20 about football with Oliver and brayden. We were teaching them how to play football properly. We were also teaching them how to pass the ball between them, and we played a game of shark attack. I am multistructural because we all did well at helping set up. My next steps are making a really good plan before doing the coaching. I am proud of the way that most of the kids enjoyed the football like we did.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I go hard at soccer

I run to get the ball in the thick mud, I slipped on the mud and fell in. I got all muddy, it felt really weird with all the mud around me. I got up I chased the ball and got it out of the other players control. I took it and run up the sideline and I scored, the whistle was blown and I got player of the day for that epic goal!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

I am Hamish

I am a Ferrari, because it's loud and so am I.
I am a small house, because I like small spaces.
I am a person outside Mitre 10 selling sausages.
I am a kiwi fruit, because I'm a kiwi.
I am chips, because I have a lot of crunch.
I am a hoodie, making people warm on the inside.
I am Hamish.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I charge for a place to hide 
as we run out of the class toward the fence 
that sinks into the ground.
It was like ww1 had started, 
I’m going to DIE!!! 
(I mean get found!)
We change our mind, 
and head to the ditch.  
Get down Calum!
He got found, but he didn’t go 
because he didn’t hear Mrs Bentall.
I look behind the tree we were hiding behind, 
I see Mrs Pageot.
We run down the ditch like the wind was following me.
We need to get somewhere fast.
Hmm where shall we go we thought, then I whispered 
Everyone get to the trees.
We get to the gum trees; no one got found.
Toot toot! 
The whistle has blown.
It howls like nothing ever before.
World war 1 has ended.
We all breathe a big sigh of relief 
as we walk back to class.